My Husband and I Are Changing Our Last Name….to Bauer

Seriously. Someone has to thank 24’s Jack Bauer for saving our country and people across the world every few years. How many international disasters does he have to prevent before the government thanks… Read More

How Much Do We Hate Bush?

Question: How much do we hate Bush, exactly? Answer: Just as much as we hate Obama. I was incredibly surprised to read that, right now, Americans have a 51% unfavorable opinion of President… Read More

Keep Your God Out of My Government

Last night, the House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his nomination in the Republican primary to a no-name Tea Party challenger. I haven’t been staying on top of politics as much as usual,… Read More

Homosexuality is older than Jesus

I don’t claim to be a Biblical expert of any kind. However, I do know one thing. The fact that being gay is even addressed in the Bible’s Old Testament means that same-sex… Read More

I Hate Republicans

I hate almost everything about them. I hate the way they talk, I hate the way they are stuck in the past, and I hate their inflexibility. They’re too religious, way too judgmental,… Read More


“There is only one success: To be able to spend your life in your own way” ‒ Christopher Morley It seems like people have as much difficulty achieving success as they do happiness—but… Read More

Thanks, but I’ve Got It from Here

Are you still depending on your parents for car insurance or cell phone service? Does your mom still make your dentist appointments or remind you when it’s time for your yearly physical? Do… Read More

One Step to a Happy Marriage

As newlyweds, we’ve been inundated with advice from friends, relatives, and even complete strangers about how to have our own version of marital bliss, but their words of wisdom about communication and picking… Read More


Last Friday, I was asked to visit my sister’s 3rd grade classroom as their Mystery Reader. I labored over my book choices, spending almost an hour in the children’s section of Barnes &… Read More

Marriage Monopoly

After we’ve spent a long week staring at computer screens, working, sitting on our smart phones and completing tasks from a never-ending checklist, my husband and I are usually ready to retreat from… Read More