The Importance of Grandparents

Grandparents have a way of picking up where parents leave off. It’s almost as if they’ve done the whole parenting thing before and aren’t fazed by your actions, no matter how outrageous. Maybe… Read More

Together We Rise

Having children has always been something my husband and I have discussed, daydreamed about, and identified as our most important goal in life. We have talked about having biological kids, adopting, fostering, and… Read More

Travel Companion Disasters

The right travel partner will determine the success of your vacation. Will you board your plane home, already missing your travels? Or will you be happy to go your separate ways, more relieved… Read More

“You’re too emotional!” And other things women are told…

You know how, as a woman, there are a few buzzwords/phrases that literally make any situation in the entire world worse? They mostly relate to how our feelings are generally perceived as a)… Read More

Pen Pals

I’m the first to admit that I find it hard to keep in touch. I’m not the best at talking on the phone, as my schedule differs quite a bit from my friends’… Read More

Puppy Adoption Checklist

In August of 2013, my husband and I brought home a bold, boisterous black puppy. She was a jumpy combination of nerves and unbridled energy, alternating between licking us like crazy and dragging… Read More

On such a winter’s day

Two weeks ago, my husband and I decided to take advantage of the time between leaving his old job and starting his new one. We’re not usually quite so spontaneous, but we found… Read More

Being A Working Mom Isn’t An Option

For me, being a working mom isn’t an option. It’s a necessity. Growing up, my mom just…worked. It’s that simple. Whether she was working as a nurse or as a realtor, she had… Read More

Thank you, 2014

As 2015 begins, I have some bad news. Your resolution isn’t going to work. There are two main reasons why these “resolutions” nosedive: First, we constantly talk about them in the context of… Read More

My Husband’s Flip Phone > Your Smartphone

My husband uses a flip phone. Seriously. Not because our dog chewed his smartphone before his upgrade or because we can’t afford to pay for one, but because he doesn’t want a smartphone.… Read More