My favorite part of entertaining

My favorite part of entertaining is when everybody leaves. My husband and I do things together all the time, but there’s this sort of silent dance, a hosting waltz that we step into… Read More

That time I met a tourist who didn’t want to visit the US

Just a few weeks ago, I embarked on my first trip to Russia (check out my blog post Hello, Russia! here). After multiple flight cancellations, I was finally on my last leg, sitting… Read More

Documentaries I’m Streaming

In between TV series, my husband and I often watch a documentary or two. The more documentaries we watch, the more we add to our Netflix queue. If documentaries seem dull, or intimidating,… Read More


This morning, when I logged onto Facebook, I saw a trending topic about women reading letters (through YouTube) to their younger selves, and I thought, What better way to start my Thursday than… Read More

Finding Love on Facebook

I know Facebook is hardly seen as the pinnacle of romance and true love, but for me, it’s exactly that. Now, I am not talking about excitedly clicking “In a Relationship” and becoming… Read More

Hello, Russia!

On a blizzardy February evening, after flight cancellations, delays, and a brake-pumping drive to Boston, I embarked on my first trip to Russia. My black-and-brown zebra-striped suitcases were packed full of the warmest… Read More

Make people uncomfortable

Most people fit into one of two groups: those who say what they REALLY want to say and those who say what they think they SHOULD say. The main difference between them is… Read More

Is your life awful?

Honestly, is it? It doesn’t have to be. I couldn’t think of a better topic for a Monday morning than a post about bad luck and pity parties. Whenever I default to self-pity… Read More

Dramas I’m Streaming

If you know me well, you’ll know that I burn through Netflix TV shows like nobody’s business. Mostly, I leave them running in the background while I work. I have trouble sitting in… Read More

A Kiss from Winnie

Happy Thursday! Here’s a kiss from my four-legged bestie to start your day. We haven’t been more than a few feet apart since I returned from my trip to Russia! “Why does watching… Read More