I STILL Hate Republicans

Last May, I wrote a blog post called I Hate Republicans. To date, it has remained one of my most popular posts on Newly Wed, Not Dead.

This is how I felt about Republicans last May:

I hate almost everything about them. I hate the way they talk, I hate the way they are stuck in the past, and I hate their inflexibility. They’re too religious, way too judgmental, and the world is passing them by. The fact is, their antiquated anti-homosexuality, pro-life, and pro-war views are alienating them from every single voter with the exception of extreme right-wing Bible Belt Americans.

Almost one year later, how much has changed?



Let’s take a look at what the Republicans are up to these days:

1) They’re still trying to repeal Obamacare

2) They’re still carrying a gun in one pocket and a Bible in the other

3) They haven’t made meaningful progress on women’s issues

4) They’ve failed to find a new leader for 2016

Their refusal to change is leading to a very unfortunate reputation. Despite November’s congressional wins, Republicans are far from “back.” Nobody wants a socially conservative individual running the country.

I don’t know how else to say it. Nobody wants to be told that their gay uncle or sister or best friend can’t get married, or that the “liberal media” is once again spewing lies….or worse…that it’s okay to push money into Egypt and Israel’s pockets, but Planned Parenthood is for sinners.

The Republican Party’s future lies within a simple three-word phrase: Adapt or die. The rest of the country isn’t going to accommodate you.

born in us

So, what’s next? Does Hillary win by default against another too-conservative white man (flanked by a token “moderate” or woman as the VP nominee)?

Instead of praying to their God for guidance, they should be talking to the much-less-convenient women who won’t vote for them. Hell hath no fury like a country full of women scorned.

If I hear one more Republican saying anything about a) legitimate rape, b) the Bible and homosexuality, or c) repealing Obamacare, I don’t know what I’m going to do.


2016’s primaries are mere months away. Republicans, you have fewer than 12 months to get your act together. Republicans, I REALLY want to vote for you, and I REALLY don’t want another Clinton in office. Please, please, please kick the Rick Santorums and (minister) Mike Huckabees out of the party and out of the race so that we can all take you seriously.

Fiscally conservative, socially NORMAL women everywhere