Enjoy your quarter-life crisis!

When I first heard about the so-called “quarter-life crisis,” I couldn’t help but laugh. I heard of this idea roughly halfway through my 25th year, and I was quick to say, “That’s for… Read More

Working from home without losing your mind… Part Two

Last week, I wrote a survival guide for working from home, and I truly appreciate everyone’s positive responses and enthusiasm. But, after I reread it over the weekend, I realized I missed a… Read More

Working from home without losing your mind

People ask me, all the time, “How do you work from home without losing your mind?” or “Don’t you just want to stay in your pajamas all day?” I’ve been working from home… Read More

Some People Are Jerks

Today, I learned a funny lesson. On June 8th, just about a month ago, we had the town building inspector come by as our gas company installed our dryer and did some work… Read More

Sexism at Home Depot

So, five years ago, if you asked me whether I consider myself a feminist, I might have said something like, “Do I look like I’m about to burn my bra and slip on… Read More

It’s About Time: My Thoughts on SCOTUS’ Gay Marriage Ruling

This morning, over the span of 5 minutes, my Facebook feed transformed from the usual list of pictures of babies, Buzzfeed quizzes, and a smattering of infotainment stories to a rainbow of color… Read More

The 5 Stages of Turning Down My Dream Job

Two weeks ago, while in Tokyo, for whatever reason, I got the urge to click on a folder I only glance every few months or so, at the most – my spam folder.… Read More

Tokyo: The Land without Cords

During my brief, pleasant stay in Tokyo, I became enamored with the country’s attention to aesthetics and efficiency – cords tucked away, bureaus with flat, handle-free drawers, a mix of dark woods and… Read More

Pillow Talk

Last week, I read an article that claimed that 75% of couples go to bed separately. I was horrified. I was like, “Are ALL married couples unhappy? Are my husband and I REALLY… Read More

I STILL Hate Republicans

Last May, I wrote a blog post called I Hate Republicans. To date, it has remained one of my most popular posts on Newly Wed, Not Dead. This is how I felt about… Read More